a simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B.

About Salesflare

Try Salesflare, the #1 simple CRM for small businesses selling B2B. Integrate with Google & Outlook. Be fully mobile. Automate your CRM from existing data.

  • Input less data, make more sales. The average sales person spends only a day per week selling. Salesflare does the data input for you. So you can focus on what matters.
  • Never miss a follow-up again. Salesflare automatically assits you to follow up every opportunity at the right time in the right way.
  • Work together as one team. Salesflare shows who discussed what with customers, so you can adress them as one team.
  • Integrate your sales toolset. Salesflare seamlessy plugs in with your other tools and systems. A true boost for your productivity.

Features: Salesflare - SiteManager integration

SiteManager makes it possible to connect your website forms to multiple destinations. By integrating with Salesflare form submissions will be synced with Salesflare as new lead or opportunity.

Pricing: Salesflare - SiteManager integration

  • Set-up: Free
  • API calls: Freemium add-on on SiteManager projects. Upgrade your project when your number of API-calls reach the limit of our free tier.

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